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GCA98 RTI Accessory Kit for SERPA* type holsters

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Part Number: GCA98
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This unique adapter kit enables the use of the RTI System with the Blackhawk Serpa / CQC holster system. Just mount the Adapter plate to the platform and the Hanger to the holster,and a good piece of gear just got better! Now your favorite holster can be carried any way you wish.  Whether on your hip or chest or even concealed, this truly modular system can do it all.  All without having to unscrew anything and adding less than 1/2 inch to the overall profile!

This is the adapter kit to be used with your holster and your leg panel, HOLSTER AND LEG PANEL NOT INCLUDED. 

 NOTE: The Military Version Serpa Tactical Holster utilizes different size (larger 10-32) mounting screws. These holsters can be identified by the Military Logo Medallion on the side (USA or USMC).

For all other civilian Serpa style holsters (Strike/CQC) please choose the option provided.

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