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HSG 1.5" Cobra Belt

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NEW from High Speed Gear!  Due to the demand for a daily wear and strong conceal carry belt, HSGI brings you the 1.5" Cobra Belt!  Sewn With The Same Strength and attention to detail as their Standard Riggers Belts and Cobra Belts, but sized to fit most standard trouser belt loops. All HSGI Cobra Rigger's Belts are constructed of 2 layers of Type 13 (Scuba) webbing. Sewn together with Bonded 138 nylon thread with 5 rows of stitching the entire length. (most similar belts only use 3 rows of stitching) The two layers are not only sewn together, but are also heat laminated with an industrial strength adhesive to give more rigidity and stiffness. The Proven Quick Release COBRA Parachute Buckles are used to secure the belt.  Strong enough to withstand years of Conceal Carry use and not droop or get flimsy. Wear your favorite holster with confidence, this belt will not let you down!  This is the perfect addition to your daily Duty/Work/Civilian wardrobe. Mix and match your buckles and colors for that one of a kind option!

**HSGI's Riggers Belts are NOT Labeled or Certified for Climbing or use as Life Saving Equipment. HSGI will not be held responsible for any injuries or death for the misuse of any of our products.**

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