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HSGI Double Decker Value Combo

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Your Price: $216.00
Retail Price:$240.00
Your Savings:$24.00(10%)
Part Number: HSG-DDVC
Availability: Out of Stock

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Super Value Combo!!  Save $24 (compared to separate purchases)

1 AO Small Chest Rig, 3 Double Decker TACO's™, 1 Bleeder/Blowout Pouch (MBP) all in one convenient package. The perfect setup for the everyday shooter, can hold 3 Main Rifle Magazines and 3 Pistol Magazines of your choice, as well as flashlights multitools and knives. The Bleeder/Blowout Pouch is a must for any shooter.

Need more Rifle mags? Now you can upgrade package by swapping the DDT's for X2R TACO's™  (Upgrade 1)!  Or choose from 2 new Options that give you all DDT's or all X2R's!

 This offer is a Military Hardware Customer only option and not available anywhere else on the web!

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