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HSGI Pogey Pouch

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The Pogey Pouch is a new Horizontal General Purpose Pouch. It can be used as a GP pouch, Admin Pouch, Medical Pouch, Tool Pouch, Ect... It was designed for 2nd EOD here at Camp Lejeune. They wanted a pouch that would hold 4-5 Charges on their Sure-Grip padded belts. The Zipper Keeps the Elements out and secures any smaller Items, the flap can be used to compress the pouch and for quick closure if your setting charges on the go and cant zip the pouch back up. The flap can be rolled up out the way for quick access to the zipper. After playing with it I realized how perfect it would be on the chest as an admin/GP pouch. Its the perfect size to allow extraction of magazines below it while keeping a low profile appearance. Dimensions: 7.5"x2.5"x3". Covered by HSGI's Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA. MALICE Clips Included.

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