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HSGI Polymer Mini Pistol TACO

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HSGI's patented line of polymer TACOs® function much the same as their nylon counterparts. The body and brackets are made with their durable and flexible, proprietary polymer and are laced together with bungee cord for the same versatility customers have come to expect from the TACO® brand. As with the originals, these pouches grip and retain a wide variety of pistol magazine styles, calibers and small tools, like knives, multitools and flashlights.

Key Features:
• Mounts to both MOLLE and belts up to 2” with our new universal HSGI® Clips
• Shorter pouch for easier grip on inserted items and lower weight
• Pop lock configuration orients excess bungee down and out of the way
• Features grommet on bottom for drainage
• Made with water proof materials (does not water proof inserted items)
• Flared tops enable easy reinsertion of magazines
• Available in black, coyote brown, olive drab and wolf gray

Exterior Dims (L x W x H)                   Weight
1.5” x 1.25” x 3.5”                                 1.44 oz
3.81cm x 3.175cm x 8.89cm                  40.82 g

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