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HSGI Tourniquet Taco

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The Kydex® Tourniquet TACO® is designed to retain windlass tourniquets on a belt, rig or bag using the unique properties of Kydex®. Comp-Tac® uses airline-grade Kydex®, which has a smooth inside finish, is resistant to sweat and solvents, and provides a material that doesn’t damage the tourniquet, or the platform it’s attached to. Combining Comp-Tac’s® Kydex® manufacturing capabilities with HSGI's® versatile TACO® design provides users the best of both worlds in manufacturing and use.

• 100% aircraft-grade Kydex® body gives a smooth finish for easy insertion and draw (T1 Grade Kydex®, .080 thickness)

• Unique shock cord design allows for the use of most windlass-style tourniquets, such as C-A-T®, SOF®TT, SOF®TT Wide and SAM XT tourniquets, in one pouch

• Kydex® does not hold water, won’t add weight from rain, humidity or sweat, and is easy to decontaminate

• TACO® hole pattern allows for stacking (2) pouches in the space of one

• Designed to match the look of the HSGI® Polymer TACOs® and Kydex® Handcuff TACO® for a seamless look on the belt

• Can be mounted to belts up to 2” or MOLLE with the included (2) HSGI® Universal Clips

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