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High Speed Gear LEO TACO

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Part Number: HSG-LEO
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This combination of the HSGI Pistol TACO® and Handcuff TACO® will hold almost any combination of pistol
magazines, small flashlights, multitools, handcuffs, field compasses or tins.

Key Features:
• Available with open or covered Handcuff TACO®
• Available in MOLLE or belt mount options
• Proprietary laminate, shock cord, and webbing provides versatility in size and adjustable retention
• Belt mount version mounts on belts up to 2" duty belts
• Molle version mounts on PALS belts, plate carriers, chest rigs, etc. with HSGI® Clips
• Independent shock/bungee cord retention for security, low profile, user field maintenance and repair

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