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Military Hardware Shotgun Cleaning Kit - 12 Gauge

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We put together a Shotgun cleaning kit requested by our friends at the C-SOG units. Everything you need to keep your shotgun running smoother and cleaner, All in one package!

This kit includes the following items:

1) - One HSG-Pouch
2) - 12 Gauge 13 Piece Shotgun Cleaning Kit: - Kit contains a multi-function handle, 33" flexible pull rod, one 12 gauge brush, one 12 gauge mop, one 12 gauge slot tip, one brush adapter, 25 cleaning patches, six piece bit set with two Phillips, two flat heads, one star and one hex.
3) - One 7" All Purpose Cleaning Brush
4) - One 2oz bottle of Freedom Juice cleaner and lubricant.

Available in Coyote, Black, OD Green, Wolf Gray, and MultiCam. 

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