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Mobile Armory Insert System

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Your Price: $34,000.00
Part Number: MH MAIS
Availability: Out of Stock
The Mobile Armory Inserts Systems are designed to be installed into a QuadCon that we have custom made just for this purpose. Each Insert System has 4 sliding  modules that are designed to securely store your weapons. Each independently lockable module slides completely out on a telescoping roller system to allow full access to all weapons.
  • Weapon capacity will depend on individual unit requirements (up to 46 M4’s per module / 4 modules per Quad)
  • Each Module has sliding, lockable cage doors as well as weapons locking bars to insure the weapons stay where you place them!
  • Various Module designs are available to accommodate most weapons, with attached accessories, (M4’s, A4’s, M249, M240, Shotguns, scoped weapons and pistols) as well as providing storage for any associated armory gear. (Bino’s, NVG’s, optics, etc.)
  • Made locally in Wilmington, NC by a Domestic Small Business.
  • Available in Gray Powder Coated Steel
This item is custom manufactured to your order and may take up to 8 weeks delivery ARO! Units must contact a Military Hardware representative when ordering for exact specifications needed to manufacture!!
Patents Pending

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