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SAVE Tourniquet

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This is an absolute must for anyone who is serious about saving lives!

The SAVE Tourniquet® is a joint venture by Human Factor Research Group (HFRG) and Detonics Technologies

The goal from HFRG, was to engineer a tourniquet that was immediately intuitive; to provide speed, targeted compression and could be applied with gross motor skills that are already ingrained into procedural memory (such as push, turn and pull maneuvers). In other words; Speed, Control & Targeted Compression – Without Complexity.

The SAVE Tourniquet® is elegantly simple, consisting of a ballistic nylon strap, a
refined buckle similar to a car seat buckle, a pressure ridge that targets and speeds up
compression, and a reel that can single handedly occlude blood flow in 3 turns or less!

  SEE THE VIDEO HERE! www.savetourniquet.com

The SAVE Tourniquet® was engineered to be simple, as the application is a combination of gross motor skills. In this case, the SAVE Tourniquet® is applied accordingly;
• Pull any slack out of the strap
• Push the buckle until snapped in place
• Push down reel into a pre-locked position
• Turn the reel (most commonly 3 times) to the right, or until bleeding stops
• Pull up on the reel to release or reset tension

Each SAVE Tourniquet® package features one tourniquet for the arm and one for the
leg. The purpose; save the patient or EMS professional the time needed to adjust the
strap length.


Individual units and volume pricing available!

"Blue" Training Models available soon!

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